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Galvanized Wire and Galfan Wire Technology List

Electro galvanized wire and PVC coated wire specification: materials, wire diameter, wire gauge, packing and more info.

Galvanized wire which materials are low carbon steel wire characteristics: including zinc coated, form, packing and other info.

PVC coated wire description, wire diameter and color; Electro galvanized wire description, tensile strength, zinc coating, etc.

Hot dipped galvanized wire for cable armoring size introduce: thickness, inner diameter, zinc coated and more info.

Hot dipped galvanized wire and electro galvanized wire specification: material types and size info.

Hot Dipped galvanized wire new specification: zinc coated, tensile strength, packing and other size.

Stainless steel wire new specification: material, spec, wire diameter, mass and more info.

Electro galvanized wire, annealed wire and galvanized oval wire specification: size and weight info.

Galvanized iron wire specification: hot dipped galvanized wire, electro galvanized size info.

Low carbon steel wire rod specification: steel wire type, steel pipe size and more info.

Galvanized steel wire specification: wire diameter, tensile strength, zinc thickness, spiral grade and more info.

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