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Razor wire is also known as barbed tape, which is a new type of protective screening with strong protection and isolation ability. It is made of steel plate stamping forming package attached to steel wire. Its sharp blades are chilling. Its blade is fitted with double wire buckle to form a shape of snake abdomen so that it can play a deterrent. What's more, it has the advantages of good resistance effect and construction expediency.

  • Galvanized metal, stainless steel and PVC coated materials for choices.
  • Excellent anti-resistance effect.
  • Free samples are accepted.
  • Large orders enjoy special discount.
  • Custom sizes available.
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Several types of razor wires on the brown cloth.

Available types

  • Single Coil Razor Wire
  • Concertina Razor Coils
  • Double Concertina Razor Wire
  • Flat Wrap Coils
  • Razor Wire Welded Mesh
Single coil razor wire is mounted on the metal fence.

Single Coil

Concertina razor coils are on the white background.


Double concertina razor wire is on the ground.

Double Concertina

Flat wrap coils is mounted on the metal fence.

Flat Wrap

Welded razor wire mesh is on the gray ground.

Welded Razor Wire


  • Material
    • Galvanized plates and wires
    • Stainless steel plates and wires
    • PVC coated plates and wires
  • Blades type: BTO-12, BTO-18, BTO-22, BTO-28, BTO-30, CBT-60, CBT-65
  • Package: waterproof paper or hard cartons
A coil of galvanized razor wire is on the white ground.

Galvanized razor wire

A coil of stainless steel razor wire is on the white ground.

Stainless steel razor wire

Some PVC coated razor wire coils are on the ground.

PVC coated wire

Razor Wire Specification
Outside Diameter No. of Loops Standard Length per Coil Type Notes
450 mm 33 7–8 m CBT-60.65 Single coil
500 mm 56 12–13 m CBT-60.65 Single coil
700 mm 56 13–14 m CBT-60.65 Single coil
960 mm 56 14–15 m CBT-60.65 Single coil
450 mm 56 8–9 m (3 clips) BTO- Cross type
500 mm 56 9–10 m (3 clips) BTO- Cross type
600 mm 56 10–11 m (3 clips) BTO- Cross type
600 mm 56 8–10 m (5 clips) BTO- Cross type
700 mm 56 10–12 m (5 clips) BTO- Cross type
800 mm 56 11–13 m (5 clips) BTO- Cross type
900 mm 56 12–14 m (5 clips) BTO- Cross type
960 mm 56 13–15 m (5 clips) BTO- Cross type
980 mm 56 14–16 m (5 clips) BTO- Cross type
Specifications of Razor Wire
Item Blade Style Thickness (mm) Wire Dia. (mm) Barb Length (mm) Barb Width (mm) Barb spacing (mm)
BTO-12 BTO-12 razor wire 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 12±1 15±1 26±1
BTO-18 BTO-18 razor wire 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 18±1 15±1 33±1
BTO-22 BTO-22 razor wire 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 22±1 15±1 34±1
BTO-28 BTO-28 razor wire 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 28±1 15±1 45±1
BTO-30 BTO-30 razor wire 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 30±1 18±1 45±1
CBT-60 BTO-60 razor wire 0.6±0.05 2.5±0.1 60±2 32±1 100±2
CBT-65 BTO-65 razor wire 0.6±0.05 2.5±0.1 65±2 21±1 100±2


Place the proper sized stainless steel plate into the punching machine

Stainless steel plate is installed.

Different types of gill nets are constructed by breaking, cutting and welding.

Stainless steel plate is stamped.

Press the razor steel plate and wire together tightly.

Forming razor wire.

The razor wires within the winding machine are rolled into a round shape.

Razor wires are coiled.

Use the waterproof paper or hard cartoons to wrap up the products.

Razor wire coils wrapped with kraft.

The razor wire coils are assembled in the warehouse.

Razor barbed wire in stock.

The razor wires are loaded into the container.

Razor wire coils loaded on truck for delivery.


The objects protected by razor wire are:

  • Bases and warehouses
  • Water-saving and environmental protection enterprises
  • Nuclear power stations, and power plants, gas supply and distribution facilities
  • National defense facilities, ministry of interior and prisons
  • Mining areas and border areas.

In recent years, it has become popular to install safety fences in gardens, suburbs and private facilities.

Razor wire is often used in prisons to prevent prisoners from escaping.

Razor wires are used in jails.

Razor wire is used as garden or yard fence, which is aesthetic and practical.

Razor wires are used in the yard.

Razor wire is used in the military as the fortifications.

Razor wire are used in military.

Razor wire is used in the factory to prevent others from entering.

Razor wire are used in the factory.

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