Colourful PVC Coated Wire for Protective Fences in Various Scenes

PVC Coated Wire is a kind of wire which is processing to make plastic and galvanized steel or stainless steel tightly together. The galvanized wire can fit with the PVC coating well. PVC coated wires can be made into many colors. And they are mainly made into PVC coated wire fences.

  • Good anti-aging, corrosion resistance and anti-cracking performance.
  • Three times longer service life than the common galvanized wire or stainless steel wire.
  • Bright colors and beautiful appearance.
  • Free samples are accepted
  • Large orders enjoy special discount.
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A black coil of PVC coated wire and a yellow coil of PVC coated wire are on the white background.

Available types

  • PVC Coated Wire
  • PE Coated Wire
A coil of black PVC coated wire on the ground.

Black PVC coated wire

A coil of white PE coated wire on the white ground.

White PE coated wire


  • Coating material: PVC and PE
  • Wire material: Galvanized and stainless steel
  • Wire diameter: 0.8 mm – 4.0 mm
  • Wire color: Black, white, green, yellow and red, other colors also available on request.
PVC Coated Wire
Wire Thickness Zinc Coating Tensile Strength Packing Weight
BWG mm grams/sqm MPa kg
18 0.80/1.20 10–70 300–550 1–500
17 1.00/1.40 10–70 300–550 1–500
14 1.40/2.00 10–70 300–550 1–500
11 2.00/3.00 10–70 300–550 1–500
10 2.50/3.50 10–70 300–550 1–500
8 3.00/4.00 10–70 300–550 1–500


  • Black annealed wire
  • Bright annealed wire
Here is a production line of the PVC coated wire.

PVC coated wire production

There are some red coils of PVC coated wire in the factory.

Red PVC coated wire

Several coils of PVC coated wires are in the warehouse.

PVC coated wire in the warehouse

The PVC coated wires are loaded in the containers.

PVC coated wires loading


The PVC coated wire are widely used in the construction of chain link fences for industrial security fences, freeways and tennis courts.

The green PVC coated wire fence is on the freeway side.

PVC coated wire fences on the freeway.

The green PVC coated wire fence is on the tennis courts.

PVC coated wire fences on the tennis courts

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