Single Loop Bale Ties – Black Annealed & Galvanized for Efficient Baling

We can produce and export wide ranges of single loop bale ties for your balers.

Single loop bale ties are popular in baling system. It is a strand of high strength black annealed or galvanized bale wire with a twisted loop at one end.

It can match most of balers to secure bales of recyclables, such as cardboard, scrap metal and plastic.

  • True-to-gauge diameters, lengths and counts – 100% guaranteed
  • 11 gauge to 15 gauge size ranges.
  • Black annealed and galvanized materials options.
  • Standard 4' to 30' in length.
  • Standard package is in coiled forms. And it is also available in straight bundles.
  • Ideal for recyclers, packagers, retailers and industrial & distribution centers.
  • Special sizes are available.
  • Customized logos or brands are accepted.
  • Competitive prices help you occupy more position in your local markets.
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Several pieces of galvanized single loop bale ties on white background.

Available types

Several pieces of galvanized single loop bale ties on white background.


A bundle of black annealed single loop bale ties on white background.

Black annealed


  • Material: black annealed wire, galvanized steel wire and pvc coating wire.
  • Gauge range: 11 gauge to 15 gauge.
  • Length: 4' to 30' are available. The popular sizes are from 6' to 22'.
  • Package:
    • Each bundle is individually wrapped and numbered to keep them clean and easy to inventory.
    • 62/125/250/500 wires/bundle coiled and boxed.
    • Or it can be packed in pallets.


A line of single loop bale ties machine in the workshop.


Several rolls of single loop bale ties in the carton.

Carton package

Several pieces of single loop bale ties are packed in pallets.

Pallets package

Several pallets of single loop bale ties in the container.



It can be used to bale recyclable materials, like:

  • Scrap metal
  • Plastic
  • Cardboard
A bundle of scrap metals are baled by machine.

Scrap metal baling

A bundle of plastic bottles are baled by machine.

Plastic baling

A bundle of cardboards are baled by machine.

Cardboard baling

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