Tie Wire – Cut Wire, Spool Wire, Coil Wire

Tie wire:, also written as tying wire, used for tying of the articles.
Supplied form: cut wire, spooled wire, coil wire.
Finish: annealed, galvanized, coated.
Application: loop tie wire is used as binding wire in gardens, daily life, handicrafts and industrial.

TIW-01: Black and yellow PVC coated tie wire coils

TIW-02: Black and green PVC coated tie wire coils

TIW-03: Black PVC coated double loop tie wire roll

TIW-04: Green PVC coated d tie wires

TIW-05: Black PVC coated rebar tie wire

TIW-06: Galvanized wire ties

TIW-07: Galvanized cut wire ties

TIW-08: Black iron U type wire

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