Choose Your Ideal Sizes and Materials of Scourer Wire

Scourer wire is the raw materials of cleaning balls. 0.8 mm wires are drawn into 0.35 mm and redrawn again into 0.12–0.13 mm to form the scourer wires. Scourer wires are knitted into meshes and then made into cleaning balls (scourers). this type of scourers is widely used in kitchens, industrial cleanings and other applications. They are durable and strong for long time use.

  • Galvanized, stainless steel, copper and brass materials for choice.
  • Round wire and flat wire are available.
  • 0.12 to 0.3 mm diameter options. 0.13 mm is the most popular.
  • Bright surface and good mechanical properties.
  • Free samples are accepted.
  • Large orders enjoy special discount.
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Several sourer wires are placed on a spool of stainless steel scourer wire.

Available types

  • Galvanized round/flat wire
  • Stainless steel round/flat wire
  • Copper round/flat wire
  • Brass round/flat wire
A roll of galvanized scourer wire on white background.


A roll of stainless steel scourer wire on white background.

Stainless Steel

A roll of copper scourer wire on white background.


A roll of brass scourer wire on white background.



  • Material
    • Galvanized wire.
    • Stainless steel wire. SS 410, SS 430.
    • Copper wire.
    • Brass wire.
  • Wire type: round wire and flat wire.
  • Wire diameter: 0.13 to 0.3 mm. 0.13 mm and 0.22 mm are the best sale.
  • Package: plastic film and spool. 15 kgs/spool, 2 spools/carton, 50 cartons/pallet.
Three rolls of round scourer wires on white background.

Round wire

Two rolls of flat scourer wires on white background.

Flat wire

Popular Specifications of Round Scourer Wire
Item Wire diameter (mm)
SWR-01 0.13 mm
SWR-02 0.15
SWR-03 0.20
SWR-04 0.22
SWR-05 0.24
Popular Specifications of Flat Scourer Wire
Item Wire diameter Before Flat (mm) Flat Wire Size of Section (mm)
SWF-01 0.18 0.60 × 0.045
SWF-02 0.20 0.70 × 0.050
SWF-03 0.22 0.75 × 0.055
SWF-04 0.24 0.80 × 0.055
SWF-05 0.27 0.85 × 0.060


A production line of scourer wire.

Scourer wire production line

Several spools of cleaning ball wires in the warehouse.

Scourer wire warehouse

Several pallets of scourer wires in the warehouse.

Scourer wire package

Several pallets of scourer wires in the container.

Scourer wire loading


The scourer wires are widely used for manufacturing of various types of scourers for domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning.

Two pieces of galvanized scourers on white background.

Galvanized scourer

Several pieces of stainless steel scourers on white background.

Stainless steel scourer

Several pieces of copper scourers on white background.

Copper scourer

One piece of brass scourer on white background.

Brass scourer

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